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(CO Founder)


I love what I do. Sharing my knowledge and assisting others to create a life they love is my passion. Using my integrative coaching skills we work together co-creating as we traverse the path of self healing. The accumulation of my education and training as a family therapist, energy practitioner, ceremonial facilitator, Reiki master and student of shamanic practices has led me to the present, where I am able to deliver a holistic approach to address the challenges that present as obstacles preventing individuals from achieving their greatest dreams.

I am committed to educating clients about the process of transforming, healing and empowering themselves. My happiest moments are when a client discovers and utilizes their inherent capacity to resolve current and potential challenges.

Remember, you are the most profound healer of “thy-self”, my skills simply assist you in  re-“turning” to the original light of “thy-self” that is you and has always been you since  the day of your incarnation.  I am honored to be of service.

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